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Tapestry Investigation

Well, it’s time to start delving into Tapestry once again, so I’ll be detailing my experiences here. The first thing that strikes is that the documentation for Tapestry 4 is thin. When looking into Tapestry previously, I bought Howard’s book for Tapestry 3 which I found very useful. Unfortunately the framework has changed significantly since then and there hasn’t been a new edition of the book. This has created a gap which a few others have attempted to fill, but they seem to fall short of the mark. Enjoying Web Development With Tapestry is a game attempt, but is typeset and structured much more like an online tutorial than a textbook. For example, the first chapter opens with instructions (with detailed screenshots) for how to install Eclipse. Frankly, if you need help installing an IDE, then a textbook on complex web frameworks isn’t for you. On the plus side, it has got me out of a tight spot when trying to solve a non-obvious problem with form validation delegates. More of this in a later post.